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Our body helps us realize the value of life.


                       How simple is our life! How easy are our life’s calculations that everything happens by itself – our breathing, the opening and closing of our eyes and every single movement of our body, which is mandatory for the existence of our life. Everything is automatic. Even our body has expanded its potential according to our necessity. It has kept us safe within a hollow enclosure so as to protect from injury in case of an impact. Though our nose and ears have been placed in the outer part of our body, they have been made so flexible so that they don’t break due to injury; and even if it is injured it doesn’t hinder our life’s breathing activity. It keeps going relentlessly. The Brain, which is pivotal for our life is safely covered in a hard shell, the skull. We don’t need two kidneys, but nature has provided us with two, so that even if one fails the other will keep working. What a marvelous creation is our body – by nature! Complicated in reality, but flexible.

                   This much, then is about our body. But do we ever say that we live our body. We always say that we live our life. Through this one can conclude that even after the death of our body our life continues. This journey is a vast and endless one, which never stops. And it can never stop - it cannot be stopped. Otherwise the existence of our body is futile. If our body exists for the sake of body alone then it will lose its value. Its gets its value only because through our body we live our life and life has a special purpose. That means that our body helps us realize the value of life. And this is where all the complications begin. And this easy and smooth life becomes complicated and entangled, and becomes a strange maze. Our life is made by our society. The moment we make our body become a part of the society we are bound by the substances and values of the society. This is somewhat similar to throwing a fishing net on ourselves. The net is – of validity, of tradition, of religion, custom, of prosperity, values, culture, and behavior, of law and of many other unknown things.


                   Our body is one, our life is one and the burden loaded on it is many. This straight line gets entangled between these crooked lines and loses its straightness and from this point starts the hurdles of life, a whole world of tensions, worries, egoism and many other things. All those things that the human brain can think and the body can do. The moment we get caught in this whirlwind through our thoughts, we sign our death certificate well in advance. Our patience, our independence and all our self-respect starts feeling choked. The moment when our mouth tries to open to shout, the very moment our mouth is forcefully closed or labeled as insane. And if all this doesn’t suffice then we are choked to death. A shrill shout springs from our throat to be silenced forever. And this easy and straight body ends.


                In reality, our mind sometimes is terrorized and is full of fear of the thought, whether our life should be smooth or complicated. The life of a professional is a complicated one. If law wasn’t so complicated then there would have been no necessity for lawyers. And this is exactly what we are doing. First, we complicate our lives and then to solve it we form different types of rules and regulations. When we start implementing using these rules and regulations then some more complications crop up. We formulate some more rules and regulations to solve these problems. The most enjoyable and witty moment is created when we realize that the rules and regulations that we made are very much similar to that one made previously or else are totally contradictory. Both these situations are proof of our defeat. If the later rules and regulations are similar to the one made earlier then why did we put in all this effort. And if they are in contradiction to the earlier ones then there is a definite war between us and our tradition. And this war crushes within it, our pitiable, straight body.


                 Is there any solution for maintaining the innocence of our body as - ‘in innocence

lies happiness’.


Germany’s famous art director Frints Benvitage met with an accident. After treating him the doctor told him, “Sorry Frints! I couldn’t save one of your eye.” Frints replied, “Thank You doctor, you could atleast save one eye.”     

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